-whispers- I may or may not be getting internet back in the next week or so yeah.

It’s friday. Which means…

I can only stay for about half an hour before the library closes. Why do they close so early on fridayyyy?

a-hero-kings-burden whispered: "I know who you love~" (For Ami-chan of course)

"Oh? And who would that be then?"

weirdlittlefamilyofrp whispered: "What are we doing here?" [[=D]]



"Ya know.. I’m startin’ to wonder about that myself.."

"Damn right it would," Axel said in agreement, "You’d have to keep up all these damn appearances. It’d be exhaustin’."

Ami giggled and bumped him playfully with her shoulder. “Oh look. There’s someone. Maybe we can ask them what’s going on.”

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finally changed my icon.

Now it doesn’t have Aaron in it. But now I must go. library is closing soon and I’ve been away from the house long enough. hopefully I’ll be back next week, if not sooner. May even go mobile for a little while, who knows.

I’m curious. Reblog if you’re okay with roleplaying smut.


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My character has just done something stupid in anger. Call them out on it!


Damn time zones. It upsets the flow of a roleplay and makes ooc communication really difficult. 

Threaten my muse with one of the following;


  • "I know who you love."
  • "I’ll beat you within an inch of your life!"
  • "I know what you’re scared of."
  • "I’ll tickle you until you’re blue in the face!"
  • "I’ll turn you into shoes!"
  • "Wouldn’t it be a shame if they found out your secret?"
  • "I’ll tie you up, get you hot, and leave you there, begging for more."
  • "You’re more helpless than you think. I know that."
  • "I’m going to have to take a look at your pancreas."
My character has something of yours, and your character needs it back. How do they get it?